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In Remembrance: a week of reflection

During September we will celebrate the anniversaries of both Fr Frank Perry and Fr John Rate and their legacy as MSC. 

Both men had a profound effect on the Parish of Henley Beach and continued the contribution of the MSC community to the life of the church in Adelaide.  

The parish of Henley is privileged to recall their ministry,  with many of their fellow MSC,  as they sought to bringing the “heart of Jesus” to the lives of those they served. 

The Program of Refection will run from Monday 21 September to Friday 25.

Four special guests have been invited to talk on different aspects of the call for us to be "missionary disciples", and to help us understand our commitment as parishioners.

The Week of Remembrance will also include a memorial mass on Tuesday 22nd September, Fr John’s first anniversary.

Further details and registration for each of the four talks can be found here


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