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REMEMBERING Fr John Rate MSC & Fr Frank Perry MSC

September 2020 

“In the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church”

Celebrating the MSC Legacy in the Adelaide Archdiocese

September 21st to 25th


During September we will celebrate the anniversaries of the death of both Fr. Frank Perry and Fr. John Rate and their legacy as MSC.  They continued the contribution of the MSC community to the life of the church in Adelaide and they died within a year of each other in September 2018 and 2019.  The parish of Henley is privileged to recall their ministry,  with many of their brother MSC,   as they sought to bringing the “heart of Jesus” to the lives of those they served.  A week of reflection and sharing is planned each night for 5 nights.  Special guests have been invited to talk on different aspects of this call  and help us to understand the commitment of parishioners to be “missionary disciples”. 

In July 2020, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of adapting the style and management of parish life and recommended the document The Parish Community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church.  From the beginning of his service as pope, Francis focused directly on the “parish” by emphasising “making church life relevant for today’s world”.  His first Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel (2013) in everyday language called all parishioners to be “missionary disciples”.  It is a challenge to the laity, the religious and the priests and deacons to discern their roles in reaching out to those in need, humanly and spiritually.  From time to time this has been open to trial and error as it raised key issues: the changing role of priests and the laity emerging as “missionary disciples” and the impact and influence this would have on parish life.  In the parishes that the MSC have served for over 106 years here in Adelaide, there has been growing awareness and discernment of what is required for change, based on their charism “To be on earth the Heart of God”.  It is in this context that we reflect on parish life today as a tribute to Frs John and Frank.

Jules Chevalier was very clear in his vision for lay people “To be on Earth the Heart of God”. Both Jules Chevalier and Pope Francis advocated an active and contributing laity. Jules Chevalier saw the Sacred Heart as the gateway to understanding Jesus and the gospels. Pope Francis stated that, “the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission, the mission that they received in Baptism, putting their creativity at the service of the challenges of today’s world.” 

On behalf of the MSC Community and the Parish Pastoral Council we look forward to your presence.

Paul Cashen MSC PP

Community Leader

From Ministers to Missionaries - Fr Philip Marshall Vicar General

Fr Philip Marshall VG  presented the changes that the Pope calls for in the life of parishes in the context of the Adelaide parishes. The task of discerning who, how, when, where and why in our response to the Spirit, includes reflecting on the experiences of the church as we have responded to the Vatican II.

Memorial Mass: Archbishop Patrick O’Regan, Principal Celebrant

The Word of God and the Call to Mission - Fr Michael Trainor

Fr Michael Trainor Scripture Lecturer ACU, and Parish Priest of Lockleys Parish speaks about listening and reflecting on the Word of God, and sacred scripture: to open our hearts to the struggles of the people around us and to reach out to the vulnerable, as Jesus’ ministry teaches us.

Discerning to be a Missionary Today - Mrs Margaret Speechley

Mrs Margaret Speechley Director Ministry Formation, provides and insight into the Ministry Formation Program, which brings experience, insight and motivation to assist the parish community to bring the care and love of God to the many struggles and concerns of people today.

To be on Earth the Heart of God - Fr Chris Chaplin

The final reflection by Fr Chris Chaplin MSC Director Ministry Formation, Rome, will explore the charism of the MSC and the continued encouragement it gives us to search for the “Heart of the Sacred”, in the confused and challenging context of life today.  

We are all called “to be on earth the heart of God”.

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