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We need to hang out!

This is an interesting podcast about a current challenge - male loneliness. It features Billy Baker, a journalist and author of We Need to Hang Out: A Memoir of Making Friends.


Billy shares how he started a project, which experimented with different ways to recover and create connections and how it inspired the “men’s shed” movement in Australia. Male loneliness or more accurately male companionship and connection has been a focus on the Henley Beach Parish for a couple of years. Activities such as the Blokes Lunch; The Blokes Book, Bike, Beef and Burgundy program; and Men Alive programs as examples.


We are also intending and are in advanced planning for a Mens Shed for the Parish. I hope you enjoy this podcast, get some ideas and jump on board some of our activities."

Introducing:  "BLOKES OF HENLEY"

Seen a face around the parish and wondered who they are? What is their story? Blokes of Henley is a series of online interviews with blokes within the Parish to provide a greater understanding and connection within the Parish. 


Our seventh interview is with Peter Wallace OBE.

Previous interviews

Interview with Vegas Santhana

Interview with Fr Tan

Interview with Tim Donovan

Interview with John Wallace

Interview with Brian Crichton

Interview with Andrew McCulloch

We are keen to start a

Men's Shed

in our Parish later this year, and are seeking who may like to be involved in this project. 

If you would like to be involved please contact Noreen, our Parish Manager on 8356 8888.

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