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Frankly is a group for Young Adults aged between 22 and 35.


Guided by the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus,

we provide young adults with a welcoming place

to further deepen their faith through fellowship.


We are companions on each other’s faith journey,

by being respectful and open in heart and mind

to one another and God.


To find an authentic relationship with God as individuals

and share this with the Henley Beach Parish

and wider community.

Frank: [adjective] To be honest, open and sincere. 

Inspired by the late Fr Frank Perry, Frankly is a legacy of Frank’s passion for working with youth and young adults in their faith journey. Frank was chaplain of the Henley Beach Antioch Group for many years. He was known by Antiochers for his joyous and warm persona and his belief in young people as leaders of our Catholic Church.

Frankly also reflects Pope Francis’ leadership which paves the way for a Catholic Church of the future. Frankly is inspired by his humbling leadership and ability to connect with the people of the church.

The name also reflects the group’s desire to be honest and open in deepening faith.

Our FRANKLY co-leader Lia was on on 1079 Life - 107.9FM, chatting to Maz and Oli - about the FRANKLY Young Adults group


Tune in now!



The Details:


Age Group: 22 - 35 years of age

Meeting Time: 6.30pm, 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month

Meeting Hub: Henley Beach Parish Hall

Meeting Structure:

  • 6.30pm Gather, Grace & Dinner

  • 7.00pm Opening Prayer and Read & Reflect on the Gospel

  • 7.40pm Sharing of our Highs & Lows of the Week

  • 8.20pm Closing Prayer

  • 8.30 Pack up and Goodbyes

  • 9.00pm Close

If you are interested in joining please contact us via this form.

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