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Support a Music Ministry

Develop/join a parish choir

Develop contemporary music repertoire

Create family friendly liturgy

Make our liturgy inviting and attractive to newcomers

Community prayer at Seaside Silence and Vigil Mass

Our Music and Liturgy Ministry have been doing an amazing job during these trying times... Setting up the Church, developing the liturgy, and of course, singing beautifully... Here is a selection of photos and some music from our Mother's Day Mass. We hope you enjoy...


Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Praise and Worship Group, stems from musicians and

people of faith looking for a place within the church, where they can

come together to praise and worship God and in so doing serve the greater community.

Everyone has a place in our group, no matter the age or level of talent. Everyone is welcome.


The vision that drives the Praise and Worship Group, is that through music we will touch the hearts of our fellow parishioners, bring them closer to God and re-ignite the flame within them.

Praise and worship fills our deepest needs, it brings great joy, brings to light the readings of the day and stirs the faithful to a deeper experience.


Practices are held regularly on a Monday night at 7pm and Saturday Morning at 10am.

All are welcome to join us.

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