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The Memorial Garden provides a restful peaceful retreat within the boundaries of the Henley Beach Church for local Parishioners to have the facility of interring the cremated remains or establishing a memorial of their loved ones into a location having special significance.

The interred cremated remains (ashes) are placed into a hole in the ground and a small quantity of earth placed over them. Because of the limited space available within the confines of the walled garden, the hole is not exclusive to any one person or family. This procedure will indeed adopt the true tradition of a sharing community. A commemorative plaque of standard  dimensions, ordered on your behalf by the Parish, will be affixed to the Memorial Garden wall.

A Commemorative Ceremony, which is in accordance to the Rites of the Catholic Church, must be conducted by the Parish Priest of Henley Beach or his delegate when the ashes are interred / plaque installed in the Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden is available to members or past members of the Henley Parish community. The Parish Priest or delegate has the exclusive authority to allow the ashes of a relative of a Parishioner, where that relative was not a Parishioner, to be interred in the Memorial Garden.

The Plaque
The Plaque, affixed to the Memorial Garden wall by the Parish, and of standard dimensions, will allow up to six lines of engraving.
For example:

  • Surname

  • Given Names

  • Date of Birth

  • Date of Death

  • Short message


Register of Interment
A register will be maintained by the Parish of all relevant details of the interment.
Any requests for actual interment of ashes must be accompanied by the appropriate documentations from the Funeral Director or recognised Crematorium.

General Conditions
It is required that a person enter into a 25 year Licence Agreement with the Parish as a simple memorandum of the services to be provided. At the end of the 25 year period the Licence can be renewed.

A person may request any one of the following categories of service:

A) A ceremony for the interment of ashes & affixing of a commemorative plaque on the Memorial Garden wall

B) A partial ceremony for the affixing of a commemorative plaque on the Memorial Garden wall

The Parish Priest or his delegate must conduct each service and the appropriate rite.

Fee Structure
Fees will cover the following:

  • Priest’s stipend for conducting the required ceremony.

  • Purchase, engraving and affixing of commemorative plaque.

  • Continuous maintenance of the Memorial Garden.


Current Fees
Payment by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card is available
Please Note: – These fees are in addition to any fee payable for the Requiem Mass or Funeral Service at the time of death

  • Service (A) – $650.00 (GST included) – A ceremony for the interment of ashes and affixing of a commemorative plaque on the Memorial Garden wall.

  • Service (B) – $550.00 (GST included) – A partial ceremony for the affixing of a commemorative plaque on the Memorial Garden wall.

  • Blank Plaque Reservation – $110.00 (GST included) – You cannot “prepay” for the interment of ashes and/or plaque ceremony. As a result you may reserve a BLANK space on the plaque wall for the future placement of your plaque. This usually occurs when one member of a couple dies and the other member wishes to reserve a space next to them. This is a reservation fee ONLY, and one of the above fees must be paid at the future time of death.

  • License Renewal – $220.00 (GST included) – At the expiration of each 25 year period, the licence can be Renewed. It cannot be renewed prior to this time.


Please Note: Fees are subject to change at any time at the absolute discretion of the Parish Priest or appointed Parish representatives.

Information Correct as at 1st January 2015

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