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MSC Mission Action Group

The MSC Mission Action Group is actively involved and deeply committed to assisting with clean water projects around the world. We do this by fundraising to support the MSC Mission Office in NSW.

Our newest project seeks toraise $6500 for 2 x 25000 litre water tanks with solar powered pump for the “Home of the Abandoned Elderly” in Malolos, Bulacan Province Philippines.

With your help and generosity, we can help these people to at least have access to clean water in the final stages of their lives – this helps not only the residents, but their carer’s and nurses at the home also.

We have started our fundraising with the Christmas Table at the back of Church with Christmas Cards, calendars, rosaries and gifts. We are also taking gingerbread house orders now – these are the same price as last year at $30each and will be available for collection at Masses on the weekend of the 8thand 9thof December – please order yours now!

Thank you and look out for our fundraising over the next few months!!

Previous projects:

- 2014-2015 2 x Bores for a Parish near Juba in South Sudan – raised $10K

- 2015-2016 water tanks for school &parish in the diocese of Bereina, Papua New Guinea, 10 tanks @$1000 each – raised $10K (this is near where Fr Carroll is now)

- 2016-2017, Deep well & water filtration system for Truyen Tin Parish, HaiTan, Bin Thuan Province Vietnam – raised $12K

- 2017-2018 water filtration equipment in Vinh Diocese Parish Vietnam – raised $8K

- We also received a sizeable donation from a Parishioner – directly related to our presence and fundraising works of $8000 – this was sent direct to the MSC Mission office and utilised for toilet blocks & sanitation at a School in Kirribati & water tanks in Fiji


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