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Help Needed!!

This lockdown has provided a great opportunity to help clean out a number of areas of the church, surrounds, hall and storage areas.

There are many areas inside the church that need attention.

  • Musicians cupboards and equipment storage area

  • Storage cupboards behind the altar

  • Noticeboards notifications

  • Noticeboards to be recovered

  • Work Sacristy

  • Priests sacristy

  • Signage

  • Setting up the meeting area behind the altar

  • Altar clothes, purifiers, corprals.

  • Windows to be cleaned

  • Reconciliation room to be thoroughly cleaned

  • Altar server albs to be whitened and pressed

  • Hall kitchen to be cleaned out

  • Antioch areas to be cleaned out

  • Liturgy cupboards in the hall to be cleaned out

  • Banners to be sorted and removed if out of date

  • Painting step treads outside

If any parishioners have some time to assist in ‘sprucing’ up our church, please let us know. While we are able to have small numbers of people in the church together (up to 10 at any one time) if you have any time, please let the parish office know, and arrange a time to come and join in helping clean up.

Some jobs require specific skills

Can you Sew? We are in need of a new supply of purifier & Corporal clothes used by the special ministers and priests during the consecration and ministering of the Eucharist. We need handkerchief sized (approx.) squares sewn for this purpose. We will provide the fabric, cotton and template. (all white sewing) Altar Clothes to be made.

Painting and Carpentry While you don’t need to be a qualified tradesman, if you are handy with a paintbrush or with hand tools, we have a few doors/locks that need attention and securing, and some minor touch up paint repairs around the place. A door or two need some repair and a home handyman could probably assist.

Please contact Noreen at the parish office.

Helping out is not meant to be a burden.

If everyone gave just an hour or two before long it would all be done. Even if one drawer is done, then that's one job done.


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