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Fr Krish's Journey to Hobart

Just to let everybody know Krish was safety delivered to his new Parish in Moonah and has commenced his duties within the Parish.

After a magnificent send off, James Kappamankal drove Krish to Melbourne (after a quick car change after the Renault struggled to get up the range).

Dennis Hoiberg accompanied Krish on a smooth trip to Davenport on the Spirit of Tasmania (The motion sickness tablets were not required!). After overnight stop in Davenport, the boys made a quick trip to Hobart to the Catholic Parish of St Therese Moonah Lutana.

Thanks Fr Paul for volunteering his car at the last moment and thanks James and Dennis for accompanying Fr Krish!

Krish was described as melancholic but excited on the trip. Once he had a scallop pie for lunch, he seemed very happy!

Moonah is such a lovely Parish. His accommodation is amazing!!

Fun Fact, Pope John Paul 2 has slept in the same room that Krish now calls his own.

The administration block is a two story building that once housed the nuns.

The church is stunning, featuring Tasmanian huon pine in its design. The art for the Stations of the Cross is most impressive. See photos below;

We wish Fr Krish all the best in his new role as Parish Priest of the Catholic Parish of St Therese Moonah Lutana.


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