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“For What Do I Yearn?”

In the book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ she says something like this: We must learn to discern the difference between the things that beckon to us from life around us, and the things that call to us from the depths of our souls. (Chapter 3) She goes on to say that the things that just happen to be beneath our noses at any moment in time are often what we choose in life. It isn’t necessarily what we want, but the more energy we give it and the longer we gaze at what is happening and available around us, the more compelling it all becomes for us. We simply choose what is under our noses most of the time, without any consultation with our Hearts or Souls.

When we look at and into our own lives, is this true for you/me?

Then Estes challenges us to go within. Let go of the outward gaze and come inward and ask the following questions, or the like: ‘What do I crave?’ or ‘What do I desire?’ or ‘For what do I yearn?’

These are the questions of Life and they give and create ongoing Life. When we take the time to ponder and consider them, and even more importantly, respond to them, they will have a very different affect upon our lives than merely repeatedly choosing what is under our noses.

As you explore and open into these important questions, be conscious of our cultural ‘training’ to want this THING or that THING (under your nose). We know in the depths of our hearts that it isn’t THINGS that make us happy. We might WANT THEM, because that is the way we have been ‘trained’, but they do not provide prolonged happiness. They are a temporary and often fleeting experience. We are at our happiest when we experience Love, connection, relationship, kindness, care, compassion etc. They are experiences that expand our Hearts and have nothing to do with possession of possessions.

In the coming week take some time each day to ponder this important question: ‘For What Do I Yearn?’ Listen deeply to your answers and ask for the Grace to be open to discern where Life’s invitation is beckoning to you at this time in your life. What we discover may not always be comfortable and it certainly won’t be familiar, but if we listen deeply to that Spirit within us, it will lead us faithfully to where we are meant to go. This requires courage, trust and a willingness to walk into the unknown for a while. When we give our ‘yes’ to this, we will come to KNOW exactly what it is we yearn for and our lives will never be the same again!


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