Parish Announcement - 7th June 2022

Joint statement from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) community and Parish Pastoral Council of Henley Beach

It is with Great sadness that we make the following announcement.

On the 16th of May 2022, the Archbishop of Adelaide received advice from the MSC Provincial, Fr Chris McPhee and his Council, that the MSC’s will withdraw from Henley Beach Parish on 31st December 2022. This is due to the decline in vocations, which has been ongoing for decades combined with the age of the province generally, and the MSC’s can no longer provide a Parish Priest for Henley Beach Parish.

As of the 31st of December 2022, the Archbishop will appoint a new Parish Priest from the Diocese.

The MSC’s have been present and ministered in Adelaide at both Hindmarsh and Henley Beach since 1914. This decision comes with great sadness from the MSC community here at Henley Beach and no doubt a shock to all parishioners.

The MSC will maintain a residence on Port Road in Croydon, and Father Paul Cashen and Fr Paul McCormack will move to this residence at the end of the year. Fr Paul McCormack is open to continue in his current role as Chaplain at St Michael’s College. Both Fr Paul’s would be happy to continue to deliver the Candlelight mass, Adoration, and supply assistance if and when required. Our own Fr Peter Hearn will receive a new appointment next year. Br Kenji will continue his formation towards his ordination and Sister Helen will be available to continue her support of the parish.

Fr Anthoni Adimai, the Cathedral Administrator and a consultant to the Archbishop joined the Parish Pastoral Council meeting on Tuesday 7th June, to deliver this sad news. A letter from Fr Chris McPhee, the MSC Provincial, to Archbishop Patrick O’Regan was read. Fr Chris McPhee will come to Adelaide, to speak personally to our community, at all masses this weekend (11th & 12th June).

This is truly sad news for us all and comes with great sadness from the MSC community, but we should not lose sight of the great strength found throughout our parish community. We are known for our welcoming, passionate evangelisation, mission outreach, care of the poor, love, support, and acceptance.

We must pray for support from our Father, our Mother Mary, who we call on each week, to hold ‘the Parish of Henley Beach’ in her arms. Thus far, we have never been abandoned. We must trust in Gods way, open our hearts to what God is calling us to be.

Fr Chris McPhee, the MSC Provincial, Fr Peter Hearn, our Parish Priest along with the MSC community Priests, Sister Helen and PPC members will be available at each of the weekend masses for anyone who may wish to speak to them.

We need time to digest this news over the next week. There will be many questions and we must be patient as we wait for some answers. The PPC will provide further communication and reflections will be invited by everyone.

‘Let us continue to be on earth the heart of Jesus’