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Who do you think I am?

We all face this question about our relationship with Jesus, the Son of God: who is Jesus in my life?

Our Baptism, whenever that occurred, is the time when the name of Jesus came into our lives in a significant and challenging way. We are baptised “In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit” and we are asked to believe that we will grow into a special relationship with God: loved by the Father, guided by the Spirit, supported by Jesus his Son.

For those who believe, Jesus is more than an historical figure. Those who find it hard to have faith in him as the Son of God, recognise his influence in the world in which we live, even if this influence is rejected. We see this respons

e often on TV and in the media. It is not so much about his teaching and his commitment to bring love to others, but it is about the church and the ways in which people have been treated by members of the church. We all have been affected by the behavior of those who “should know better”, especially by priests in their own human frailty.

The link between our personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God and ourselves is the important connection that enables our faith in God to be real and not imaginary. Even an appreciation of the historical Jesus, helps us to understand ourselves. This is really highlighted if we reflect on his reactions to the challenges he faced as a human being. His guidance for us is seen in the commitment he gave to His Father particularly when we face similar issues and situations.

The impact that Jesus has on our everyday life can be a morale booster. However, his offering “there are many rooms in my Father’s house” showed his desire for his family and friends to be with him after his resurrection. It was after his resurrection, that this hope became a reality for them. There is an opportunity to join him, family and friends in the next life.

We have the opportunity, through the faith we share with others, to be open to the presence of Jesus every day.

“Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there”

We see the presence of Jesus in those who endeavor to love each other as he did.

“Do this in memory of me!”

is the request not to forget Jesus. Each time we receive the bread of the Eucharist, Jesus is present with us.

“Who do you think I am?”

is a question that those who know the name of Jesus have something to ponder over.

Fr Paul Cashen MSC


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