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Supporting Hutt Street Centre

After outstanding success assisting our local "Vinnies" restock their bunker, we are now turning to help the Hutt Street Centre as they continue their work with those who are living rough during these cold winter months.
Over the next 4-6 weeks we would like parishioners to bring to the Parish Centre (during usual office hours) the below items that have been specifically identified by Hutt Street as required.
There will be tubs inside the porch area for items to be deposited in.
If you are unable to drop items off, please call the Parish Office or Cheryl on 0427 351 008 to organise collection.
You can bring just one or two things, or a few items at a time, whatever suits you best.
Items will be collected and taken into Hutt Street every couple of weeks to help the vulnerable.
Thank you.


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