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Love’s Fiery Breath breathed forth an unfolding Cosmos.

Mystery and Life came into Being

as Life forms throughout these explosions of Love.

One upon the other, always more and more and more to come.

The Planets danced around each other, rejoicing in their New Life.

The fish, the birds, the trees, the animals and the seasons delightfully emerged.

Love’s Fiery Breath manifested Love throughout Creation,

Love wept joyfully, laughed, danced and Love gave Life.

Children were born and the processes of Love

breathed throughout the Sacred Lands.

But the people began to forget Love’s Breath,

and they squandered, and battled, and divided, and hurt the Land and each other.

Love’s Fiery Breath wept and wept.

These tears of Love, fertilised the grieving Land and Her people.

And then one emerged from deep within them,

who remembered the story and Love’s Fiery Breath-

and who then helped the people remember their Love story.

Love’s Joy began to Rise over the sorrow filled Land.

But some felt threatened, some felt resistance, some felt great fear,

and they inflicted great pain and suffering and death upon Love’s Fiery Heart.

There was much weeping and grieving as it seemed Love’s murderous death was final.

Love’s Fiery Breath however, faithfully endured this great suffering.

The faint deathly pulse of Love’s Heart slowly grew stronger and stronger.

In the suffering of the people and the grief they endured,

they began to feel this faint pulsation of this Love beating and Rising within their own Hearts.

They wept joyfully, they laughed, they danced, they remembered,

and they gave Love’s Fiery Breath back Her Life – and they shared their story.

Love’s Fiery Breath was remembering Her story with such explosive Joy once again.

A New Life was born and Love once again,

breathed forth an unfolding Cosmos with a new consciousness.

But again, many people began to forget their story,

and again, they inflicted pain and suffering and death upon Love’s Heart.

Love’s Fiery Breath however, is a forever faithful Lover,

and could never be extinguished, however much the people may have forgotten.

So this rhythm of Love’s Fiery Breath continues throughout the Land.

There are times of forgetfulness, and times of faithfulness,

times of rejoicing and times of great suffering, death and sorrow.

There are times of corruption and times of correction

and times of great grieving and times of rejoicing.

Love’s Fiery Breath, while sometimes seeming very faint,

always lives and is re-ignited and re-imagined,

with every act of Love, Kindness, Generosity and Compassion,

however small or insignificant these acts may seem.

For it is within these acts, that Love’s Fiery Breath is pulsating throughout the Land and Her people.

Love reminds us repeatedly that She is a forever faithful Lover,

And her faithfulness is always born anew through us.

Love’s Fiery Breath is Rising within every Breath given to us.

© Annemarie Reiner – Easter Sunday 2020


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