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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart believe that all lives matter – and, in the context of current events, protest and championing causes, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, and members of the Chevalier Family, are members of all races.

Our Superior General, Abzalon, himself from Guatamala, has just changed his Facebook photo.

MSCs reported feeling "a moment of affirmation in our ministry with Age/ Sydney Morning Herald journalist, Tony Wright", who went to school at Monivae in the 1960s, when he wrote, June 6th 2020: 

“At our faraway school, we had begun to take notice of the dreadful state of relations between white and black Australia.  Even if our understanding of the subject was unsophisticated, many of our teachers were missionaries who drilled into us the social and spiritual evils of racial inequality.”

Tony Wright has frequently noted Monivae – referring to it as ‘our faraway school’.


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