Proposed Replacement Roof Info – December 2016

Please click on the links below to review information about the proposed new roof for our church. Unfortunately the original lead roof has not met its life expectancy and we are experiencing serious leaks causing water damage to the interior ceiling, electricals and our heating systems. Our aim is to be able to replace the roof before next winter to prevent further damage and expenses.

The attachments explain more about the roof issues and what is proposed to replace it.


Arcuate Lead Roof Report Sept 2016

1604_A2101 Drawings Existing Roof Plan

1604_6101 Drawings Existing Roof Details

1604_A2102 Drawings Proposed Roof Plan

1604_6102 Drawings Proposed Roof Details

ProctorGeo HC9 spacer brochure

Proctors – Wraptite-SA – Brochure


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