Parish Roof Fund Appeal 2018

On 26/27 May 2018 we launched our Roof Fund  Appeal.

Over two years ago we began investigations into why our 25 year old lead roof had failed and was leaking badly beyond repair, resulting in interior damage to the roof structure, to our ceiling and damage to our heating blanket system.

Our wonderful BAPS, the Building Grounds and Maintenance team, began the long slow progress with many reports, applications and approvals required before any work could begin. 

The decision to replace the roof was not taken lightly and we had to undertake many financial considerations.  Estimations of costs were a burden to our finances and to the future stability of our parish. We applied and were granted a $300,000 loan from the Archdiocesan Catholic Development Fund and will repay over 15 years without depleting our cash reserves immediately. Our cash reserves invested will earn interest and offset loan interest, hence not overly affect our cash flow in the short term.

In the long term we must begin to pay off the loan. To enable us to do this we are now seeking your support of our Roof Fund Appeal.  We ask you to seriously consider if you can make a contribution, big or small to our Appeal. We hope that you feel it in your hearts to make a donation and help us alleviate the overall costs of the roof replacement project.

We are so very grateful for your generous contributions to our Planned Giving but this only helps to cover the day to day expenses and general maintenance, not any major capital works. It is a rare occurrence that we seek help asking for your support.

Give out of love for your parish, and not as an obligation. Give to make a difference.  Give knowing that your special touch and generosity will leave a unique mark on the future security & longevity of your church.

There are a number of ways to contribute, including by cash, cheque or credit card, and remaining anonymous in you wish.  We will acknowledge contributors at a later date and keep a running tally of the level of support over the next few months. If you wish to make a donation pickup a donation envelope and information from the church or the Parish office, or download the information flyer here and return at mass or to the Parish Office at your convenience.

Henley Parish Roof Fund DONATION flyer

Thank you for your patience over the last few months with the roof works, and stayed tuned over the coming weeks and months on an update to the proposed new heating and cooling system, and then the final step of the repair and repaint of the interior ceiling.
Parish Finance Council


July 27th Update
We are extremely grateful for the $20,575 in generous donations that have been received to date.
We would be very happy if we could reach our target of $50,000 but also understand this may not be possible and our realistic expectations are lower.
Don’t forget to collect a donation envelope from the Church or Parish Office or download a donation form here
Henley Parish Roof Fund DONATION flyer


Exciting News!
Due to savings made with the new roof installation, extra funds from sale of old lead roofing and some insurance for the water damaged heating blanket and ceiling, we are now able to replace our the heating blanket and our ageing evaporative cooling systems in both the church and the hall. A new Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning System will be installed, with anticipation this will begin in early October. 



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