Currently our society is facing an unprecedented situation with the evolving coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

The spiritual, physical and mental well being of all within the Henley Beach Parish community is a priority for us during this time.


If you need a priest, call the parish office  8356 8888..  


Free phone counselling by appointment from

Centacare Catholic Family Services.
Click HERE

If entering a hospital, please tell the admitting officer you are a catholic and if you would like to see a priest

The parish is responding to government and Adelaide Archdiocese regulations by implementing the following changes to usual parish activities. Please be aware this situation is fluid.

The latest advise from the Archdiocese in relation to the upcoming easing of restrictions is below


Saturday 27th June
Great News!  We are returning to mass


We will be opening Sunday mass services on 5th & 6th July 2020.   We will have 5 masses starting Saturday morning to cover our Sunday mass service.

Baptism will resume on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month by appointment with limited numbers and times available.  Private baptisms will be considered where we can provide a priest. Call the office for more information.  Funeral and Wedding attendance has increased to 75 people.   This does not include the ministers or those delivering the service.


***The church must be cleaned after each gathering,. Attendees will be asked to wipe down their seating areas but we would ask that Rostered teams for each mass stay back a minute to assist with a general clean through of door handles, table edges and other areas that may have been touched ***

Gloves and wipes will be provided


This support is greatly appreciated.

Sunday Mass has increased to 175 people per session and will be delivered on both Saturday and Sunday


Saturday                              9:15am

Saturday Vigil                     6.00pm (This mass is also streamed)

Sunday Morning                9:30am

Sunday Midmorning        11:30am

Sunday evening                 5:30pm


You must register to attend a Sunday mass. Register HERE!

No registrations required for weekday masses. capacity is 175 at present.


Masses this Week:

Monday - Friday                  9:15am   

Monday Night                     8:00pm  candle light

No Wednesday evening   

Thursday Liturgy

with Eucharist                     7.00am

Saturday 30th May

We are pleased to advise the WEEKDAY ONLY Masses will resume. This week, mass times will be as follows: 

Monday-Saturday at 9:15am daily.  

Monday Candlelight Mass at 8:00pm

Wednesday evening at 6:30pm


The numbers for weekday masses will unlikely exceed 20, however we would ask that you email the office, or ring through your request to attend a specific mass time.   Saturday morning is a popular time, so please register for this mass.


We have been working on masses, to cater for up to 80 people and had hoped to delivery 6 masses next weekend for Sunday service.  Until the numbers rise, we will not do this. Last week we had made a decision not to break down our Sunday masses  into small groups, so at this stage we will continue with live streaming mass on Saturday evening.   

We would encourage you all to gather in small groups in your homes to watch mass at some stage during the week, or to have a liturgy gathering.   If you advise the office in advance, we will provide you Holy communion for your gathering.

Saturday 23 May
Due to recent easing of restrictions, the Parish is overjoyed to offer the following mass services. However, they are only limited to 10 parishioners at a time. 

For the coming week, these are the ONLY masses that will be held

- 7AM Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

- 9AM Saturday.

You MUST ring the office to register to attend one mass over the week and you will be allocated a time.


You may also send an email to;


These will be allocated in a “ first in “ basis. This will get us started until we are able to sit down clearly and work through the logistics of this next step.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Friday 8th of May


The Federal and State Government recently announced a multi-month multi-stage roadmap to enable to full re-opening of society. The FIRST Stage of the roadmap begins on May 11th 2020

Please refer to this circular (above) put out be the Adelaide Archdiocese on the 8th of May, which outlines the plan for Stage 1, which begins from May 11th

To summarise;

- No mass gatherings - numbers to be reviewed every 3 weeks, however unlikely to see church services to be reopened unrestricted for a number of months

- No Eucharist until permissions are released by the Health Minister

- People in the church for prayer limited to 10 people.

- Funerals 20 people inside, 30 outside

- Baptism 10 people

- Weddings 10 people

While 10 people are now allowed to be in the church for prayer, we are working on how this can be done at Henley, as it is stipulated that the Church must be sanitised and cleaned after each session.

Wednesday 1st April

We regret to inform you that we need to postpone the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist (Holy Communion).


Our concern for your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance during these uncertain times, as we face the challenge that Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents to us all. Usually enrolment for these Sacraments occurs at the end of Term 1, however at this stage we are postponing enrolments until a time to be confirmed by the Archdiocese. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause families.


We look forward to supporting your family in the future. We will certainly keep you informed as new information comes to hand in regard to these liturgical celebrations.


May God Bless You,


Father Paul Cashen msc             

Parish Priest                    

Tuesday 31 March 2020

With considerable regret, the Adelaide Archdiocese has taken the unprecedented move of temporarily cancelling Mass services in South Australia in order to protect the health and well-being of "our people and the general community."

Parishioners are currently not able to attend Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church for the celebration of the Eucharist or any parish group meetings. 


The Parish is launching a number of initiatives to ensure parishioners are supported and continue to feel embraced by the parish during this time. 

Sunday Mass

Each weekend during this shut down, Henley Beach Parish will be streaming a Sunday mass celebrated by our Parish Priests in our Church

  1.  The readings and commentary for this mass will be available on the website

  2.  This Mass will be celebrated with minimal ministry support 

  3.  This mass will be video streamed to the Henley Beach Facebook page and   the Henley Beach website (below).

  4.  This mass will be available to view at any time of the day for one week from               6:00pm Saturday evening 

  5.  After a week, this mass will be replaced by the following Sunday mass service.

  6.  The Parish Office will co-ordinate the ministries assisting at this Mass. 

Parishioner Support

We strongly encourage parishioners to keep, and make contact with each other; seek out those whom you may not usually contact. Use ministry rosters, small group contact lists etc. It is imperative we stay connected with each other, and look out for each other, during this time.

Church is not a building.... Church is us...


  • The Parish will shortly commence phoning parishioners to ensure you have support and necessities during this time. We reiterate, please do not let anyone into your home unless you know them; we will not visit you without prior arrangement.

  • We will be updating our website with lots of helpful information in the coming days. Community/ Government/ Health Resources, activities, ideas, recipes, 'where to' ideas etc. 

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Stop a minute; quieten down; become aware of the presence of God around you, and within you; pray this prayer from your heart.
“I call with all my heart; Lord, hear me.
I will keep Your commands.
I call upon You, save me.
And I will do Your will.”
Psalm 118

Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ